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Financial Strategy

Basic Policy

Equity finance The issue of new investment units will aim at stable growth of the managed assets of the Investment Corporation in the medium to long term, and will be flexibly conducted based on an appropriate understanding of the financial environment and with consideration for diluting the investment units.
Debt finance The Asset Manager will determine various borrowing conditions including the proportion of fixed-interest borrowings, the term of borrowing, and the creation of security, after negotiating with and comparing several qualified institutional investors, to mitigate the influence of any changes in the financial environment and achieve low financing costs.
Loan to value Taking care to secure spare funding capacity, the level of loan to value is capped in principle at 60%, but may exceed this level temporarily for asset acquisition or other purposes.
Cash management Cash on hand is subject to planned management, keeping funds in reserve in readiness for suddenly arising expenditures, flexible asset acquisition, and other eventualities, but prioritizing repayment of debt and other commitments rather than holding surplus funds above the necessary level. However, for certain periods when management of surplus funds is required, deposits with principal guarantee and similar instruments are used.
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