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Copyrights and other intellectual property rights in all contents posted on this website (such as information, trademarks and designs) belong to Ooedo Onsen Reit Investment Corporation (the “Investment Corporation”) or the rights holders. Unauthorized reproduction, use, copying, distribution, amendment or other modification of the contents of this website is prohibited.


Our Group (the Investment Corporation, Ooedo Onsen Asset Management Co., Ltd. and its group companies) is not liable for any trouble, loss or damage incurred as a result of any acts based on a decision made in reliance on information on this website. Please note that our Group is not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any alteration to, leakage of or third party’s unauthorized use of the contents or any other accidents not attributable to our Group. This website may be suspended, discontinued or modified without prior notice. Our Group is not liable for any trouble, loss or damage incurred as a result of such suspension, discontinuation or modification.


This website may contain links or banners to other websites. Such other websites are not operated by the Investment Corporation. Therefore, please note that the Investment Corporation is not liable for the contents of such linked websites.

Usage Environment

We recommend that this website be viewed using Version 11.0 or later of Internet Explorer or the latest version of other browsers.

IR Information

This website is intended to provide information, and is not intended to solicit investment in or recommend buying or selling any particular products. Please contact the securities companies when considering the purchase of units of the Investment Corporation. Unless otherwise specifically stated, the information provided on this website (the “Information”) does not constitute any of the disclosure documents or investment reports required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Act on the Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations or the Securities Listing Regulations or other rules and regulations established by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Information contained in a press release as of a particular time in the past that is provided on this website presents the information at the time of such press release, and does not reflect a change in circumstances that are likely to occur after the publication date of such press release. The Investment Corporation holds no responsibility to update any information on this website.

Forward-Looking Statements

Information on this website may contain forward-looking statements regarding the Investment Corporation’s financial condition and business performance. Please note that some of these forward-looking statements are based on certain risks and uncertainties, and that they may differ from actual results due to changes in circumstances.

System Maintenance

Provision of the Information on this website may be temporarily suspended or discontinued without prior notice to the information users due to update, addition, alteration, deletion or partial amendment or abolishment of the content of the Information, system maintenance and inspection, malfunction or failure of equipment or telecommunication lines, or power outage, natural disaster or other unavoidable event. The Investment Corporation is not responsible in any way for damage incurred by any information user such as delay in receiving information or the loss or destruction of any information as a result of the update, addition, alteration, deletion, or partial amendment or abolishment of the content of the Information, or suspension or discontinuation of the provision of the Information as described above.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this website and the Site Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes in connection with this website.